We need a break
November 15, 2010

Remember when we used to spend those long hours gazing into each other’s eyes? Remember all those times we stayed up late, sometimes chattering, sometimes just staring up at the ceiling fan, thinking? We were each other’s everything. But now… I don’t know anymore. It’s like you’ve changed. You don’t like the same books, the same food. We used to do everything together, but now it’s as if you want to do everything by yourself. Which would be fine, but then when I try to leave you, you get clingy and possessive. Your moodiness is astonishing. I don’t think I know who you are anymore. I love you, but let’s be honest: we need a break.

That is why Mommy is going out to the bar tonight with her friends. I love you very much, and hope you have a good night snuggling with Daddy.

Love, Mommy